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Welcome Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez joins us as a Designer with a recent M. Arch. from UC Berkeley. Pablo’s keen eye for design has already helped our team on many of our current fire projects, completing visualizations, diagramming programs, and assisting in early project stages. He has especially enjoyed going on site visits to study projects and buildings up close.

Pablo was drawn to SKA because of our focus on civic architecture, and the direct impact that has on the local community. Pablo is looking forward to working on projects through their later stages into actualization. He is most interested in the marriage of technology and architecture, and the emerging tools and programs used to study building and construction.

Pablo’s interest in design was supported by many mentors and teachers growing up. His main inspiration comes from his father, who always encouraged him to design and make things. Pablo carries this exploratory approach to all of his interests. In his spare time, Pablo enjoys playing guitar, tearing apart broken appliances, playing with his home-made 3D printer, painting, playing pool, and biking with his wife to far places.

Pablo lives in Berkeley with his wife and his cat.