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Welcome Beatrice Eleazar

SKA welcomes our newest Associate Beatrice Eleazar to our team. The small size of SKA initially drew Beatrice to our firm. She was excited about the prospect of taking more responsibility over each facet of the design process, and has enjoyed working on multiple aspects of her projects at SKA.

Beatrice took an interest in design early on in life, and since a young age has been drawn to how buildings are put together. Growing up, she was also influenced by her mother who worked as an art teacher. Once she entered Rice University, she found that the marriage of design and engineering in architecture was a perfect fit for her. She graduated with both a Bachelor of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Art History.

When she’s not working on SKA projects, you can find Beatrice trying new food and cooking with her husband. Since settling in the Bay Area in 2008, Beatrice has also enjoyed hiking through the local neighborhoods and parks. She finds creative inspiration in the natural world, well-constructed music, and international architecture.

Beatrice is already busy working on South San Francisco Fire Station 63, and San Francisco Fire Boat Station 35 at the foot of the Bay Bridge. She is also looking forward to starting work on East Bay Regional Park’s Coyote Hills Visitor Center in Fremont.