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SKA’s 2018 Holiday Party

The whole team was at Revival Bar+Kitchen on Wednesday, December 19 to celebrate the holidays. Keiko and Olivia planned the soiree including the menu and games.

This group always has a good time together. We enjoyed a delicious meal and a healthy game of White Elephant among other competitive diversions. For the record, here are the game winners;

Architectural Alphabet – Austin McNaughton won first place filling in all 26 letters with a corresponding Architectural vocab word.

Lily’s guest Scott snagged the non-architect win with 21 words successfully filled in.

Name That Tune (Architectural Edition) – Pablo and Chris were neck-and-neck for the win in this 80’s jam-heavy game. Ultimately, they graciously decided to share the title of first place.

Austin was awarded the Most Helpful Employee of the Year.