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Shah Kawasaki Hosts UC Berkeley Students

On August 14, 2017, Shah Kawasaki Architects hosted 15 students from the Internship/Architectural Practice class at UC Berkeley as part of an Oakland firm tour.

The Firm Tour event began with a presentation by our Principal Alan Kawasaki leading about the creation of SKA and working in the public sector.

Then the students were able to hear from, Olivia Asuncion, Nester Mena, and Austin McNaughton about their work on San Francisco Fireboat 35, WETA, SFO 3 and Palo Alto Fire Station No. 3, to name a few.

The team described the trials and tribulations of working on projects involving municipalities. Nester, Olivia and Austin also gave their “after college” stories, emphasizing that they all took different paths to become an architect.

The students were able to end the tour with a walk through of our office.

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