Studio One Art Center Rehabilitation

Oakland, CA | Community/Education/Civic

Studio One Arts Center houses City-run art programs that have served the Oakland community since 1949. Built in 1894 as an orphanage, the facility was in dire need of renovation, modernization, and a seismic upgrade as not much had changed in the building over the last 50 years. Rehabilitating this community center was a true community effort involving our collaboration with various City agencies, staff, instructors, students, the Friends of Studio One and the Landmarks Preservation Board.

Contained within the existing “U”-shaped building, Studio One houses art studios and storage, display spaces, a multipurpose room for meetings and dance, kitchen, scene workshop, small theater, dark-room, and classrooms for painting, jewelry making, pottery making, and glasswork.

Client: City of Oakland
Location: Oakland, CA
Project Completion: 2008

Lily Soo Hoo, CIP Coordinator, City of Oakland

Studio One Art Center Rehabilitation

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