Schulman Grove Visitor Center

Inyo National Forest, Bishop, CA | Art/Education Civic/Community

The visitor center is a 2,100-square-foot building at Schulman Grove that acts as a centralized point of interpretation for the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. The center complements the surrounding natural environment, and the sustainable design features include a photovoltaic panel system which meets 100 percent of the project’s electrical energy requirement, resulting in LEED Gold certification.

SKA worked with users to program the interpretative mission of the center into the design. The visitor center is divided into five main areas: an exhibit hall, a theater, a bookstore, storage/employee room and a research office/library.

Client: U.S. Forest Service
Location: Inyo National Forest, CA
Project Completion: August 2012

Schulman Grove Visitor Center

The visitor center acts as a centralized point of interception for the Ancient Bristlecone Forest.

Schulman Grove Visitor Center

Massive kingpost trusses support the roof’s winter snow loads.

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