Alameda County Probation Transition Center

The Probation Transition Day Reporting Center (TDRC) is a facility for a new program to help clients (newly released inmates) reintegrate into society by providing them with an array of services in one location. The program includes two public floors with a cafe, teaching kitchen, multipurpose room, conference rooms, group rooms, and classrooms. The two top floors hold offices and work areas for Probation and TDRC staff. SKA developed the design and provided bridging documents for this design-build project. The project also provided new infrastructure design for the Probation Annex. Infrastructure upgrades will allow the Annex to function as an independent building should it be cut off from the main building in the future.

Client County of Alameda
Location: Oakland, CA
Completion: 2016
Team: SKA Team; Philip Luo

Interface Engineering, Mechanical Engineer
Syska Hennessey Group, Elevator Consultant
Marcene Taylor Inc., Cost Estimator

Alameda County Probation Transition Center
Alameda County Probation Transition Center

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