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Napa’s Newest Fire Defense: Fire Station #5

Shah Kawasaki Architects announces the completed construction of Napa Fire Station #5 in Browns Valley, an area on the west side of the City of Napa, CA. The Craftsman-style building houses an operationally efficient station that is a model for fire safety. It includes a 2 drive-through bay apparatus, administrative spaces, a day room/kitchen and dining area, a fitness room, and four dorm rooms.

The 5,145 square foot station comes in at $4.4 million. The design process for Station #5 was led by Project Manager Brian Leonard. Site and floor plans were reviewed with the Fire Departments Building Committee which consisted of members of the fire department, some of which will be stationed at the fire house.

Shah Kawasaki Architect’s effort to find a style that fit in with the neighborhood took into account the building staff, and the aesthetic of the surrounding community. SKA held two neighborhood workshops to get feedback on Napa resident’s preference. Our Architects also toured three recently completed stations with the Building Committee. The process of engagement with the Fire Department, Public Works and with the community resulted in an exceptional design with broad public support.

The added fire station will cover service for Napa’s West side, relieving the city’s more central stations for the busier downtown area. Their presence will cut down on long response times experienced in recent years as the city has grown. The fire station became operational in early March and firefighters have already settled in to begin their shifts.

The station held it’s Grand Opening on Tuesday May 8th, 2018, receiving accolades from the mayor and the local fire department, and a warm welcome from the community.