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Giving Back On Earth Day 2017

As part of the global effort to protect and preserve our planet, employees of Shah Kawasaki Architects gathered this Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, to clean and beautify our neighborhood as registered participants in the City of Oakland’s sponsored event. Our crew, armed with brooms, pruning shears, rakes, and graffiti cleaner, tackled the block surrounding our office building. Our team set to work picking up trash, clearing weeds, scrubbing graffiti-covered surfaces and sweeping away debris along 10th, 11th, Clay and Jefferson streets. At the end of the day, we filled up 10 bags with green waste and four large garbage bags with trash.

According to the Earth Day Network, an organization dedicated to environmental protection, Earth Day is celebrated in 192 countries by more than a billion people each year. SKA is proud to be a part of this annual tradition and is committed to sustainable design practices as well as incorporating green strategies within our office.

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