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Alameda County Opens SKA’s latest project

Alameda County’s Environmental Health Vector Laboratories are now open to the public, and held their official ribbon-cutting ceremony this summer on July 25. The labs are located on the 1st floor of the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency building in the city and island of Alameda. The Vector Labs provide the important service of ensuring public health by monitoring the rodent and insect population of Alameda county, and were thrilled with their new state-of-the-art facilities.

The reception, offering an open house and snacks, drew a big crowd from the area including the City of Alameda’s Mayor Trish Herrera. The brief ceremony included many introductions and acknowledgements, and spoke to the approval by the Vector Labs staff.

Department staff also had input on their preferences. They chose a warm, yellow palette for the Lab, of are connected visually to the office space by a large window in their separating wall, unifying the space. This storefront glass was also incorporated into the perimeter lab walls to make the space look bigger.


The labs were in need of both a remodel and an expansion. Project Principal Philip Luo and Designer Olivia Asuncion lead the updated composition of the facility. They incorporated modern layouts that accommodate all the scientific study processes and equipment required by the department. The project includes seven rooms for various specialized laboratory spaces including a vertebrate lab, insecticide lab, lab rearing and cold storage, and the main vector lab. The team placed these labs at the perimeter of the room, leaving a large, open, central area for the main lab, encouraging staff collaboration.


The team amended the space circulation and design to meet program needs, upgraded an emergency / back up system, and designed to meet 2013 CBC and current ADA code requirements.

The project was officially completed in 2017 at a total construction cost of $1.3 million.